For exhibitors

For exhibitors


100% participation of all representatives of the industry fully displays the situation at the the market and brings together all the consumers in this area. Team organizers is working to attract both sides, because we are interested in strengthening the Ukrainian textile market.

Reliable partnership

Each section of the Exhibition is supported by serious work with the target audience of the exhibition.

Individual work

Inform us about the intention to exhibit and we will offer you the best options for exhibiting and promotional opportunities that will work before, during and after the event.

Target audience

Visitors of the exhibition are interested in cooperation with the companies, that work in the sphere of manufacturing and distributing of fabrics, threads, accessories, sewing equipment, specialized services etc.

Comfortable, well-known exhibition centre

International Exhibition Centre is the biggest exhibition platform in Ukraine. It is conveniently located near major highways of Kiev.

Facts and figures

Exhibitors of the exhibition-  distributors and manufacturers in the following sections:

  • Sewing accessories
  • Fabrics
  • Yarn
  • Threads
  • Machinery
  • Textile products
  • Sewing services, training
  • Fabrics. Threads for tailoring and crafts

Visitor occupation (*part of companies are both the manufacturers and distributors)

  • Manufacturer
  • Distributor

Geography of exhibitors


Exhibitors ALLTEX 2018

  • New exhibitors 48%
  • Regular exhibitors 52%

Number of visitors

Spring 2016, 16 753 visitors
Autumn 2016, 16 858 visitors
Spring 2017, 17 953 visitors
Autumn 2017, 17 978 visitors
Spring 2018, 14 271 visitors
  • Trade visitors 43%
  • Private visitors 57%

Business visitors engaged in the production are representatives of:

  • Factories
  • Workshops
  • Atelier and private orders
  • Designers

Activities of business visitors engaged in trade

  • Wholesale
  • Retail chain
  • Brand stores
  • Selling spot

Involvement in making decision

  • Make decisions independently
  • Take part in making decision
  • Consult
  • Have no influence

Exhibition Spring 2018 Information about the interests of business visitors

Clothing fabrics 59.4%
Sewing accessories 54.8%
Threads 46.5%
Print on fabrics 36.9%
Labels 34.6%
Knitted fabrics 33.8%
Machinery 32%
Clothes for special purposes 30.6%
Exclusive fabrics 27.9%
Applied materials 26.9%
Fabrics for bedding 25.5%
Lace 24.7%
Women's clothing 22.9%
Accessories 21.8%
Fillers 20.8%
Nonwoven materials 18.7%
Yarn 18.4%
Children's and teenage clothes 15.9%
Leather, fur 15.8%
Menswear 15.6%
Bed linen 15%
Towels, bathrobes 13.4%
Materials for the production 13.3%
Fabrics for table linen 12.7%
Corporate clothing 12%
Tulle, curtains 11.6%
Overalls 11.6%
Blankets, pillows 11.4%
CAD Technologies 11.4%
Curtain fabrics 11.5%
Underwear, hosiery knitwear 10.7%
Table linen 9.3%
Hats 8%